Filtered Shea Butter 100% Natural-Ivory 10 lbs

Filtered shea butter is manually pressed through clay pots and cloth that make the butter creamier, less grainy, and removes any natural impurities that sometimes are imparted to unfiltered shea butter.  Filtered shea butter is smoother and has a lighter scent. It still retains all of it's natiral benefits. 


It is rich in vitamins A, E & F and essential nutrients to nurture and heal the skin.

Because Shea Butter helps to prevent the skin


from thinning and improves skin regeneration,

it is anti-aging and beautifying.


While it works to heal and regenerate your skin,

it also treats eczema and minor burns and

makes a great lip balm.


As soft as a baby's ....? Shea butter helps keep it that way.

It's excellent for diaper rashes.


It heals not just on the outside. Our 100% pure Shea Butter is

excellent for massages where it penetrates deep to relieve

muscle fatigue, tension, arthritis and joint pain.


Experience RA Cosmetics' shea butter magic by using our

100% pure shea butter.

Filtered Shea Butter 100% Natural-Ivory 10 lbs

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